S⁴ - Synchrokinetic Standard Satellite Structure

The near future will see a drastic increase in the total mass and number of assets in orbit, leading to a maturation of the industry required for mass production, in turn requiring standardization of the building blocks of space constructions, and more broadly for ISAM in general (In-space servicing, assembly and manufacturing). A newly invented assembly method, \emph{synchrokinesis}, could potentially be pivotal in the development of the forthcoming in-orbit industry, as it drastically simplifies the work of the involved robots: the assembly and disassembly is carried out by simple, synchronous, linear translation of the components as opposed to the current practice based on traditional fastening techniques such as screws, soldering etc

The approach offers an opportunity to promote standardization at the level of both mechanical and electronic connectors.

See the 4S 2024 paper for further details.