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We are an integrated team of business types and engineers experienced in software development, mathematical modeling, process optimization, in short: Business Intelligence and Analytics. Technological challenges, a passion for making things work and empowering users is what drives us.

We can help you sketch a new process map and implement it; provide BI-as-a-service to guide technology and introduce best practice development principles; deliver field-proven optimization solutions. In short, we can drive a project from conceptual idea to working process. We have over time done this for the likes of:


Top Stories

Azure Migration


Measure similarities between your mark and the million marks available in the USPTO and EUIPO. Produce a sorted list from the most similar marks.

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Azure Migration


Alice categorises and routes messages, or tickets, written by human so that human won’t need to!

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Azure Migration


GDPRsee uses language comprehension techniques to determine the parts of a text that is GDPR sensitive.

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Azure Migration

Azure Migration

Upgrading the IT infrastructure for a world-leading logistics provider.

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Data Visualization

Providing transparency in data by using advanced visualization technologies

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Software Development

We developed TAPLA - The Tanker Planner - a software tool to automate and assist the task of planning air-to-air refuelings.

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Process Improvement

Implementing our solutions sometimes lead to drastic process improvements. That's great. But it also requires significant change management efforts. In order to engage and facilitate change, we developed the Liner Shipping Game in collaboration with Maersk Line and Aalborg University. It's a tabletop game using Lego bricks to illustrate the fundamental processes of liner shipping - and how to optimize them. Educational and fun.

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Network Optimization

We worked closely with Maersk Line to create their Network Evaluator Tool, a container flow and network optimization system based on our Linova engine. The tool is now the work horse of their world class network design department.

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We teamed up with a number of carriers to create a modern, simple and powerful container stowage system - Angelstow, giving them an efficient and flexible stowage planning processes. We then open sourced the core of it and it is now being adopted around the world.

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What we can offer

BI & Analytics

You can't control what you can't measure. We can help you make sense of your data, establishing meaningful, lasting KPIs and processes.

Liner Network & Flow

In liner shipping, network optimization is the strategical differentiator. This is where the party is and it's hard to get right. We know how.

Stowage Optimization

Having hanged around with top stowage planners and built tools for them for more than a decade, we've learnt the dos and don'ts.

Process Mapping

Know where you're going. Mapping a business' processes allows to understand the challenges and make the decisions data-driven.

Need to change?

From process sketch and prototype, to software MVP and scale. We can take a process improvement idea end to end with our team and yours.

R&D / Speaking

Constant R&D is the engine of our company. So we naturally love sharing what we learn by getting up and speaking in front of our peers.